Break Through has taken their programs to many civic, community, and professional organizations.

The themes of motivation, diversity, and sensitivity towards others are helpful to people in all walks of life. Many are amazed at how they can relate to and use the content in their lives.

Since 1978 Break Through's director Ben D. Anderson has worked with many different organizations to help them to understand the needs of people with disabilities in their own communities.

Ben has dealt with small and large organizations with questions of how to deal with different aspects of disabilities within their communities. He has spoken to groups like Parent Groups to encourage them to be the parents that they are. 

He deals with many civic groups.  He normally deals with general education about the needs of people with disabilities within their own community.   Questions are normally--

What can we do?" ---
"How can we do this?"

Questions that normally communities ask themselves so that they can serve their population better.  

Ben has addressed the need for persons with disabilities to be in the workplace. He feels that they need to be in the workplace as they have a lot to give as workers and consumers to make a better community for all. 

Ben has a wide scope of programs that he can offer to community, social and  business organizations.
Please contact him by email or by cell phone;  or 
(715) 554-1179

Some of the organizations Ben has been involved with are:

Parent Groups

University Student Senate

Center for Independent Living

Political Action Groups

Disability Groups


Special Olympics

Lions Club


Corporation Boards

Governmental Committees

Human Rights Commission

Private businesses

Mayor Committees

Public Organizations

We look forward to working with you
and your community.

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