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Break Through's involvement with parent groups
Ben D. Anderson has made it as one of his goals to be in touch with parents. Ben's first visit, with a parent, was in Kansas City with the Rose family. From that conversation it went into his involvement with parent groups throughout the United States.

Today, Anderson spends some of his time working with parent groups and finds it very worth while as the goal of the organization is to educate the general public about people with disabilities.  Ben felt that to understand  families with disabilities would be his format to be able to educate the general public.
Here is what Harriet and Tom Rose said about Ben's involvement:
"Ben's insight, as a person with a disability, has been invaluable to us in helping to understand our daughter.  His compassionate counseling has been more helpful to us than any professional in the field of working with the parents of a child with disabilities."

Tom and Harriet Rose
Kansas City, KS
(Harriet is the author of the book "Something's Wrong with My Child")
Ben met Tom and Harriet Rose in the early 1980's. He received this email from Harriet regarding his ongoing work with parents in about 2008. Tom passed away in 2005 and Harriet passed away in 2015.
Hi Ben and Dee…

"....... The web site is great! ....Why didn’t you say that we met in an elevator ....…Seriously, you might mention the number of years you’ve been talking to and working with parents… Think about it… it’s been about 25 YEARS, hasn’t it? You’ve got a lot of stories to tell and have addressed a wide range of problems: Different disabilities, different situations, parent issues, school issues, sibling issues… you’ve got a lot of information to share with parents. I think most parents would feel as I did: My daughter could not tell me what her thoughts and feelings were-but you were able to help me to better understand them. (You can quote any of this that you want to.......) Keep up the good work… and God bless you both!

Here is a review of Ben's book
IQ of 63, So What! Going Beyond Everybody Else's Expectations
"Ben Anderson is an amazing person and an articulate advocate for persons with disabilities. His work through his non-profit, Break Through Inc., is very helpful in creating an atmosphere for change in the world. In this memoir, he tells his own story and invites us to take a second look at people with disabilities in our communities.

Overcoming the attitudes of other people was at least as challenging, if not more so, than learning to live with Cerebral Palsy.  People interpreted his challenges in learning to speak and walk as limitations of intelligence. He had to work hard to prove that he could make his own dreams come true.

When I first started working for human rights with people with disabilities, I thought that perhaps I would have to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. What I have discovered is that others do not need me to speak for them. They need me to listen carefully. Ben Anderson is a wonderful advocate for all persons with disabilities - and for those of us who are “temporarily abled” as well.

Knowing that we are all just one accident or illness away from a disability, this book is an inspiring read for all. --By
"Ben is a very moving speaker; communicating from the heart he touches everyone from teachers, providers to parents and individuals who live disabilities themselves. Ben is able to address questions and issues with both compassion and a depth of insight that only someone who experiences life with a disability can. That can be invaluable information to a parent or provider who have children who can’t express how they feel. Insight, caring, compassion and honesty - Ben D. Anderson is your guy! Finally, someone who can really help you reflect on some of life’s great mysteries and leave you feeling like you are on the right track."

Jennifer Newhouse -Parent to Parent Coordinator
Grant and Adams Counties in State of Washington
Here Ben is playing with one of the little boys   after speaking to one of the parent groups.
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