This page is dedicated to giving a forum for both young and old "entrepreneurs" who happen to have a disability. Below are some "artists" who use their talents, and hopefully you will go to their individual website links and purchase some of their works.  



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Break Through


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for families
good book by Ben D. Anderson

"IQ of 63, So What!"
Going Beyond Everybody Else's Expectations


     DK Arts
(visual and performing artist)

Dylan Kuehl is sole proprietor of DK Arts and a life-long resident of Olympia, Washington. An ambitious visual and performing artist, Dylan performs live in community dance events 2-3 times a year. He has won several art contests and has had his work published in numerous publications including the "Washington State Adolescent Transition Resource Notebook."

He is a Special Olympics gold medalist, studies modern, tap and hip-hop dance as well as martial arts and is a fierce rock-n-roll drummer. He is a member of the "Living the Dream" band.  He also is an accomplished weightlifter. ie.-3rd place bench press Class 1. WABDL World tournament, Reno, NV

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Dylan Kuehl (pron. Keel) is a visual artist, musician and dancer from Olympia,Washington who received his first drum kit at the age of 3. Dylan was born with Down Syndrome and has always lived life to the fullest and dreamt big, and now at the age of 33 has a jewelry line, an inspirational DVD, and a musical project called the Jackson Memory Band, which he formed after Michael Jacksonís death in 2009." Article here

Visit Dylan's website at DK Arts

see his video on the Voices page

Dylanís Words of Wisdom

ďI want to send a message to the parents by telling them, to tell their kids, not to be afraid to show their abilities. Show the public, the world, what they can do. And most importantly, show the world how important they are. I want them to feel what Iím feeling. Itís time for them to shine, because they are the future generation.
My message is simple: Itís about abilities, not disabilities.

Thank you.Ē


Wild Life Art Glass
Beautiful etched glass art by artist David Krafcik

purchase from a full size glass door or a small goblet


You can find his work at these websites
Visual Dialogue ; Wildlife Art Glass 828-284-6482 ,


Ryan's Art
(visual artist)

Ryan is a native of Fort Collins, Colorado who blends his love of both computers and art and making unique designs.  He started printing his colorful computer art onto cards and magnets in 2003.  We sincerely hope you enjoy his creations as much as he enjoys making them.

His cards and poster art make wonderful "happy" gifts- so contact Ryan and buy some!


view and purchase Ryan's Cards at his
 link website at   happyart4u


create & buy custom products at Zazzle



Travels in a blue chair
by Walt Balenovich 

Funny things happen when you're backpacking alone around the world! Now imagine doing and seeing it all  from my blue wheelchair. My book of adventures on four wheels is an entertaining new twist on the iconic  North American backpacker. 

I had polio when I was 12 weeks old and spent the first  5 years of my life  in the hospital, after finally being released to enter kindergarten............
You can learn more about myself and the book at...    
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will go to support Rotary International's  program to vaccinate children against polio in the Third World.   

Computer expert, he will fix it for you,
highly recommended


Please visit Kevin at CompuPane

Our services for PC include:
Software Repair
Software Upgrades
Operating System Repair & Upgrades
Hardware Upgrades
Networking (set up, troubleshooting and upgrades)
Internet, Web or E-mail Help
System Optimization (cleaning and reorganizing files)
Spyware/Malware/Virus Removal & Prevention


CompuPane, LLC
Attn: Kevin Berg
707 37th St. SE, #38
Auburn, WA  98002
(206) 246-5693

Website:  CompuPane
Email me at


Sandra the Future Journalist
Hello, my name is Sandra Murillo,  and I'm a junior at the University of Illinois  at Urbana-Champaign. I am majoring in journalism.  After I graduate I hope to work as an investigative
 journalist or as a features writer for newspapers or magazines. I am also thinking about possible  working on radio. Some of the subjects I'd like to  write about are issues or problems affecting people with disabilities and minority ethnic groups such as hispanics. I am interested in this topic because  of my background. My parents are both from Mexico,  so I grew up seeing the struggles hispanics often have in the U.S. I am also totally blind, so I  understand firsthand what it is like to have
 a disability. I also write a blog about my experiences of being a blind college student. Please check out Sandra the Future Journalist  at:
 Feel free to leave comments on my blog as well! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!



GalleryDanís paintings are a passionate expression of himself created deep within his heart flowing straight to the canvas. Dan starts with a blank slate and pumps it full of life. Danís bountiful use of complementary colors interlace to form a splendid piece of art. Each original piece is unique and would add a beautiful touch to any decor and are a must have for the art enthusiast.
View Dan Stace's "From my Heart" website here



Humboldt Candles
Compassionate Integrations

"Iíd like to tell as many people as possible with autism, their families and support programs so that others might make candles as well as an employment option."- Nathan Young

Nathan Young is an autism self-advocate from Humboldt County California. He started a "soybean" candle company and helps employ other persons with disabilities. Please visit his websites above and support his entrepreneurship. 



Chris' Art
( poetry in art)

Visit Lopsided Heart Creations at

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"I chose this business so I could have my writing get behind people's minds....."