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A few evaluations from April 2012 South Dakota Tour

Content Outstanding 20 ( Awesome 1) Great 1 Good 1
Speaker Outstanding 17 Great 5
Audience participation Outstanding 6 Great 11 Good 2

Answers to the following questions from audience.--
"What did you like about the program?"

"Everything." ( Spearfish, SD) 4-14
"The life story, and how he coped" ( Spearfish, SD) Teacher 4-14
"The message of figuring out who you want to be." ( Lake Preston School) Teacher 4-17

"Message about disabilities and how it affects all. Loved the part about IQ doesn't matter! " (Lake Preston) Teacher 4-17

"His message. Showing the kids that no matter what your "abilities" you can do what you want."(Lake Preston) Teacher 4-17

"A person can achieve no matter what your situation." ( Lake Preston) Teacher 4-17

"The message: Who do you want to be remembered as? What's your legacy?"( Lake Preston) Teacher-Parent 4-17

"He made it relevant to what the children experience. He was very kind and was interesting." ( Armour Elementary School) Teacher 4-16

"The insight you gain from it."( Northern Hills Training Center Spearfish) direct support professional 4-10
"The presentation was very personal." ( Training Center Spearfish) Teacher 4-10

"Meeting Ben and hearing him talk has inspired me to be a better teacher by being more patient with my students." ( Northern Hills Spearfish) Teacher 4-10

"Personal, Audience participation, shared experiences and ways to encourage self growth." ( Teacher) 4-10

"Sharing his personal experiences ( how he learned to accept his disability)." Spearfish After-school program employee 4-10

"He knew what he was talking about." ( Sturgis- BHSSC) 4-11

"Engaging- Enjoyed the aspect of personal experience." ( Sturgis-BHSSC) case manager

"Ben's commitment to advocate for others w/disabilities" ( Sturgis- BSCCS)

"Ben doesn't just preach about what to do to help individuals but helps us understand what he did for himself and what we should try." ( Sturgis- BHSSC)

"Humor and the truth." ( BHSSC)
"Challenge of thinking outside the box. Taking responsibility-we work for the people we support."( BHSSC) RN-medical support

"Sense of humor! Helping us think outside the box for opportunities for the people we support. Dreams do come true." (Sturgis-BHSSC) educational professional

"Ben was able to give me a new perspecive on how we need to come together. He help people w/disabilities get jobs or help them give back to the community." ( Sturgis- BHSSWC) ed. professional

"That you can overcome." ( BHSSC) parent
"Believing in yourself! that is the most important part in success! " ( Sturgis-BHSSC) Teacher

"The message was very clear. Bullying is wrong and can hurt people. ( student- Armour school)

"that it was real" ( student- Armour school)

"I liked how he asked the audience to be honest and answer some of his questions. I also liked how he was not afraid to talk about his disability." ( Teacher- Warner School)

"Iliked that Ben advocated to the whole school to quit using the "R" word, and made everyone promise to not use it for 100 days" ( Teacher- Warner school)

What will you tell others about Ben D. Anderson's presentation?

"That he never gave up." ( Spearfish, SD) 4-14
"Very heart-felt" ( Lake Preston School) ( Teacher) 4-17
"Very moving " ( Lake Preston School) (Teacher) 4-17

"Although at times it was hard to understand Ben, he seemed to capture the attention of the JH Students. It was nice to have his assistant with him in case we couldn't understand."(Lake Preston School)Teacher 4-17

"Kids must be aware of the power of words and how they hurt or bully others. Don't let anything ( or anyone) bring you down! Great message to students-you can achieve your dreams!
(Lake Preston) Teacher 4-17

"He did a good job! Has a nice message." ( Lake Preston school) Educational Professional 4-17

"No matter how different you are, you can ovecome anything if you believe in yourself! "( Lake Preston) Teacher-Parent 4-17

"He was genuine and kind. He gets the students involved and helps them to reflect on their past actions."( Armour school) Teacher 4-16

"Amazing and kept me interested. Ben is spreading a point of view, that needs to keep being spread. People need educated on these topics. AMAZING!" ( Northern Hills Training Center) Direct support. 4-10

"Inspiring! I can think of many others who would have enjoyed." ( Training Center Spearfish) Teacher 4-10

"Attend his presentation because he is a resplendent person! Never give up!

Thank you for encouraging and passing the torch on." ( Teacher) 4-10

"He was knowledgeable and passionate." ( Spearfish) Teacher

"It was interesting worth seeing " ( Sturgis -BHSSC) 4-11
"Important for perspective. I enjoyed it very much. Expanded my ideas of community" ( BHSSC) case manager
"Yes. I think anyone working in this field needs to hear Ben's presentation. One of the best presentations I've heard in my 8 years of work in this field." ( Sturgis-BHSSC)

"He is an inspiration to everyone to try and help people become successful individuals. Ben is a great speaker and would love to have him back in Sturgis to speak at Black Hills Special Services." ( Sturgis, BHSSC) Teacher


"Inspiring, engaging, challenging us about what we do- informative. Lives by what he does- experience 1st hand- Thank you for sharing your experience." ( BHSSC) RN - medical support

"Any goal can be achieved, don't sell our people short, encourage and support all dreams.-Encourage full time employment for self esteen and don't encourage to work only the minimum amount of hours sh they don't loose their SSI. Self esteem is fulfilling. " ( BHSSC) educational professional

"He may have a disability but that does not hold him back from his accomplishments and advocating for others w/disabilities. Great speaker! "( BHSSC) ed. professional

"Think outside the box." ( Sturgis- BHSSC) parent
"Enjoyed hearing about his life experiences while living with a disability.Very inspirational! " ( Sturgis- BHSSC)

"He is an awesome speaker! Go see him if you can. A microphone would have been nice, even though you couldn't understand him sometimes he was outstanding. ( student-Armour Schools)

"It's worth listening to. He should go to as many schools as possible." ( student- Armour school)

" That he gives an inspiring presentation on the life of being an individual who is bullied, and ways to help students believe in themselves again.- Ben is an individual who can help demonstrate that having a disability is not the worst thing. Thanks for coming!" ( Teacher- Warner schools)
"His presentation is very effective on impacting students and the negative effects of bullying. The classes really enjoyed the presentation when I followed up with them after the speech. Thank you for opening up the eyes of some of our students." ( Teacher- Warner schools)

Evaluation of Mr. Ben Anderson's presentation on Monday April 16, 2012 at Armour schools from 6th grade Students recorded by 6th grade homeroom teacher Mrs. Anderson--

"the sixth graders enjoyed Mr. Anderson's presentation about his life challenges and obstacles. They liked how he shared his experiences of being bullied and being the bully to help them realize what he dealt with and how he coped. They are inspired by how he forgave the people that bullied him and his desire to not bully others. His presentation has made the students more aware of their behaviors toward others. The students also said that they are going to tell their parents, other family members, and friends about his message. They stated that they can be part of the problem of bullying, but they will work hard on being part of the solution to counter bullying."

Evaluation from Kirk Easton Superintendent/HS Principal - Warner School District 6-5

"Ben is a guy that has accepted his disability, but has not let it hold him back. His message was one of passion and compassion that had our students hanging on every word. He is an inspiration to all that listen!"